Digital Music and Art

Exploring the edges of conscious evolution through sound and visuals

Haikunika is Veronica Polo's musical project. With a potpourri background in design, virtual reality, and various past musical incarnations including electronic music band Operation Re-Information Veronica is producing solo electronic music via DAW composition combined with voice. Explorations into AI art are complementary lines of creative inquiry for some of the Haikunika music videos.

Song and video


I know it's not real, but I can't deal.

Song and Video

Ode to the Red Hills

Oh river run . . . run, run, run.

Song and video


We played a joke on ourselves.

Song and Video


(feat. Matias de Stefano)

20 aƱos: preparar cuerpo, preparar alma.

Song and Video

Just Be

Be. Just be.

Song and Video

Gettin Real

I want to cry, but I can't.

Song and Video


AI . . . I think I love you . . . oh my!

Song and Video

Speaking Into a Conch

Sand and sea they dance
in harmony . . .

Song and Video


Nectar, is what you are.

Song and Video

Walking Between Two Tangents

It's a euclidian knot.

Song and Video


I'll make sense to you, if you make sense to me.

Wanna talk?

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